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Looking for Foley artists...


I don't know if this is acceptable for this community or even within the realm of most of its member's interests, as it seems to be quite visual special effects based, but just in case I thought I'd post to see if there was any interest.

I am (representing Radiosonic Workshop) currently looking for Foley artists and/or other sound effects people to help produce a fanmade series of Doctor Who audio dramas. You can find out more about the project either here radio_sonic or by listening to our podcast.

Dialogue is currently recorded for two of the seven episodes, and in progress for the others. We're now beginning post production, which will hopefully be completed for all seven episodes by June 2012. Although this is a fan audio series and not for profit we want production values to be as high as possible. You can work on your own time to a great extent, as the production team are all in different countries and largely communicate by email and dropbox.

Our Head of SFX is currently scouring the scripts and making note of all the SFX that are needed - these will include typical sounds such as slamming doors, weapons hitting flesh, and button pressing, and Doctor Who specific sounds such as the TARDIS landing, the sonic screwdriver being activated and the sound of Cybermen walking. For some of these we'll have to use stock sound effects, but we want the series to sound as great, which will mean using sounds created for the series where possible.

Is anyone interested in helping out? Or alternately, do you have any suggestions for where I should look for people? Although they seem like largely film-based organisations, I'll be creating ads on mandy.com and talent circle later today. And I have ads in various Doctor Who comms and on Starnow.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Horse droppings

has anyone a recipie (for want of a better term) for creating some fake horse droppings?

Not sure if this is the right community to post in, (If not, I apologise, and mods, feel free to delete this post.) but I'm looking to locate SFX creature costume workshops and the like in New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, etc.) (Near is fine, too.)

The reason I ask is that I'm 17 and are looking to perfect the craft and see how the real artists sculpt and create their costumes and props. Currently I just work with fake fur, foam, and resin casting but would like to expand my experience into more intricate methods. I've been searching but I can't find anything nearby...:/ If anyone could help or direct me to the right place, I would be forever grateful! Thanks!


Hawk The Hunter

Hey everyone,

My name is George and I'm new to this site. How are you all doing?

Has anyone heard of Hawk The Hunter? It's an upcoming movie by Terry Marcel who also directed Hawk The Slayer back in 1980. I'm sure it'll have awesome special effects! For all you fans and anybody else who's interested in finding out more about the film, visit www.hawkthehunter.com. You'll also find an exclusive interview with the man himself, Terry Marcel!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!
A It has been a very long time since I last posted, time has been my ball and chain. Please take a few moments to check out our groups new Webisode.
We are the League of S.T.E.A.M. (Supernatural and Troublesome Ectoplasmic Apparition Management) we deal with Vampires, Ghosts, and other Ectoplasmic creatures.

So if you are having problems with Ghosts, spooks and other dark creatures send us a telegram, we are here to believe you!

2010 IMATS LA ticket for sale!

Alright, so I bought my 2010 IMATS LA ticket back in March (I live in Oakland CA) but my ride completely bailed on me and I can't go anymore. So, I was wondering if anyone wants to buy it. It's a two day ticket, including seminars. The original price is $65 but I'm selling it for $60 + s/h.

Frame 137 Teaser

Hey Guys :)
I was head makeup and sfx on this film.
The Film is called Frame 137. It is based on a comic by James O'Barr, the creator of The Crow.

The film was shot on the RED using Lomo Anamorphic Lens over a weekend. Sam ransom the ten year old boy who plays Jonny Z, the films hero, notably performed all his own stunts including the fire breathing and wire-work, some of which is showcased in the Teaser.

The Films also stars Samppa Von Cyborg.

The Song is a cover of Iggy Pop's Dog Food performed by Nick Oliveri and Dave Grohl specifically for the film.

I hope you all like the teaser and sorry if you see this in a few communities, I'm cross posting a bit.
Make sure to click on full screen.

Frame 137 Teaser from Judd L. Tilyard on Vimeo.

There is a facebook page for the film.

finished Gremlin

Please give feedback, I think i did ok with it but is it up to standard??

Side Profile


On my model in full character. I made the hands also.

Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism

fake pee

Yes, fake urine. you read correctly.

here's the story.
I'm working on a play at the moment which requires one of the characters to actually urinate on stage. She has to stand over the top of another actor while he's lying on the floor with his hands tied behind his back, and she has to pee on him.

Now, before you ask this play is about King Cross in Sydney and the associated drugs, whores and corruption, so it's a bit, well, adult.

Here's where you incredibly talented and brainy kids come in.
I need to work out a way for my lovely actress to be able to fake pee because obviously real pee is gross and not an option.
I'm thinking of somehow strapping the bag of fake pee to her underneath her costume with a tube going down to her knickers (she'll have two pairs on) underneath her teensy little hooker skirt. I just need to work out how to stop gravity working against me. She has to "pee" at a fairly specific moment, so I need to work out how to make the liquid release on cue. It has to be done as hands free as possible (ie, no reaching up her skirt to unplug anything), but she is able to squeeze the liquid pack slightly (it'll probably be put in her bra). As all student productions, this one basically has bugger all budget, but I probably have 15 bucks if I need it.

so, my fellow theatre nerds and sfx gurus? any suggestions?

oh, and this is crossposted EVERYWHERE, so sorry if you see it fifteen times.
Hey guys!

Does anyone have any good pointers for some DYI fake intestines on a minimal budget? I've found a few tutorials online, but I've been curious to see if people have had any personal success with anything specific.