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Looking for Foley artists...


I don't know if this is acceptable for this community or even within the realm of most of its member's interests, as it seems to be quite visual special effects based, but just in case I thought I'd post to see if there was any interest.

I am (representing Radiosonic Workshop) currently looking for Foley artists and/or other sound effects people to help produce a fanmade series of Doctor Who audio dramas. You can find out more about the project either here radio_sonic or by listening to our podcast.

Dialogue is currently recorded for two of the seven episodes, and in progress for the others. We're now beginning post production, which will hopefully be completed for all seven episodes by June 2012. Although this is a fan audio series and not for profit we want production values to be as high as possible. You can work on your own time to a great extent, as the production team are all in different countries and largely communicate by email and dropbox.

Our Head of SFX is currently scouring the scripts and making note of all the SFX that are needed - these will include typical sounds such as slamming doors, weapons hitting flesh, and button pressing, and Doctor Who specific sounds such as the TARDIS landing, the sonic screwdriver being activated and the sound of Cybermen walking. For some of these we'll have to use stock sound effects, but we want the series to sound as great, which will mean using sounds created for the series where possible.

Is anyone interested in helping out? Or alternately, do you have any suggestions for where I should look for people? Although they seem like largely film-based organisations, I'll be creating ads on mandy.com and talent circle later today. And I have ads in various Doctor Who comms and on Starnow.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.


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